Swiss Land Registry (Cadastral) System

The Swiss cadastral system is made up of three main parts:

    • cadastral surveying
    • the "Register of public-law restrictions on landownership" (PLR cadastre).
    • the land register (LR)

Official Cadastral Surveying

Cadastral surveying is a nationwide activity that delivers geometric data defining land ownership, and forms the basis for many other geographical information and applications in the fields of economy and administration or in everyday life.

This service is offered to you when you order an official site plan for the survey.

The GEO4ME Group has extensive experience in cadastral surveying and will provide you with its expertise in the various stages of cadastral surveying.

    • First survey
      The first survey records the elements of the official cadastral survey in regions which have not yet been surveyed and in regions with a provisionally approved cadastral survey.
    • Renewal
      Renewal modifies and completes the elements of an officially recognised cadastral survey in order to adapt them to new requirements.
    • Preliminary Scanning
      During the preliminary scanning process, data is scanned from the original plan in accordance with federal guidelines.
    • Graphic and semi-graphic surveying
      Some areas of the territory still exist in analog form (aluminium plate, cardboard, ...) and have not been digitised. The surveying of these areas is called graphic surveying.

  1. Status of cadastral surveying in Switzerland


  2. Information brochure: Cadastral Surveying in Switzerland:
    a guarantee of security and prosperity

    Information brochure

Land register PLR (Cadastre of Public law restrictions on landownership)

The Register of Public Law Restrictions on Landownership (PLR) is an information system that reliably collects up-to-date public law restrictions on landownership. These restrictions take various forms:

    • Legal provisions
    • Maps
    • Legal foundations
    • Further information

Our offices deal with the following PLR cadastre topics:

    • land use planning
    • underground water protection zones
    • Forests
    • Noise

Our group is in charge of the acquisition and harmonisation of data concerning the PLR cadastres of the municipalities in Lower and Central Valais.

If you have any questions concerning the PLR register in communes in Lower and/or Central Valais, our office is at your disposal for information or you can visit the website

This service is offered to you when you order an official site plan for the survey.

Communal land register and cadastre

The land register is a public register listing all rights in rem over buildings (properties).

The creation, modification, transfer and cancellation of these rights is recorded in the land register.

Land registers in Valais

GEO4ME can perform various services for you:

Private law restrictions (easements)
Management of parcel boundaries

The municipal cadastre has plans of the entire territory as well as data relating to each building or plot. This data changes regularly through modifications in the deeds of sale, division, devolution, etc.

The book keeper and his/her deputy are responsible for keeping the cadastral documents in their municipality up to date.

At the municipal land registry you can:

    • Consult the plans of plots of land for the entire municipality
    • Consult the data of each plot (nature, surface area, owners)
    • Obtain land register extracts

Acces to municipal GIS

Preservation and updates

  1. The purpose of updating the cadastral survey is to ensure that the items in the database are up-to date. Each modification (to add new items or, on the contrary, to remove obsolete ones) is called a mutation.

    This update is continuous in the case of plots or periodical in the case of other items such as ground cover (buildings, natural boundaries ...). It is mandatory according to the Ordinance on Cadastral Surveying (OMO).

  2. The GEO4ME group is currently in charge of surveying in the following municipalities: Bagnes, Bourg Saint-Pierre, Bovernier, Chamoson, Champéry, Charrat, Finhaut, Fully, Isérables, Leytron, Liddes, Martigny, Martigny-Combe, Monthey, Orsières, Port-Valais, Riddes, Saillon, Saint-Gingolph, Saxon, Sembrancher, Trient, Troistorrents, Val-d'Illiez, Vernayaz, Vionnaz, Vollèges, Vouvry.

To date, a large part of the above-mentioned municipalities is managed by GEO4ME and the data is available in our offices. As current cadastral survey lots are completed, the official survey data will be centralised in a cantonal database (BADOC). With this new management system, GEO4ME will be able to carry out transfers, survey plans and any other geometric work for you throughout the Valais.