1. Based in Monthey, the JMVUADENS office of surveyors and engineers offers a large variety of professional activities mainly in the Chablais region of Valais, but also in the whole French-speaking part of Switzerland and beyond, depending on the opportunities that present themselves. It was founded in 1977 by Jean-Michel Vuadens and taken over in 2018 by Philippe Vuadens.

    The office currently has 16 employees, including 4 engineers, 2 technicians, 5 surveyors, 1 mason's assistant surveyor, a secretary-accountant and 3 apprentices.

    In addition to traditional cadastral surveying activities, the office has numerous mandates for technical and industrial layouts. It also specialises in bathymetry work on Lake Geneva and the Rhône, UAV flights and all derived products: orthophotos, volume calculations and 3D visualisation.

  2. The office is also active in multi-disciplinary work, since it collaborates either as a pilot project or as a partner in the implementation of major mandates such as development and zone plans, general water evacuation plans (GWDP), implementation of bridges and tunnels, and work related to the 3rd correction of the Rhone.

    Aware of the importance of good training, JMVUADENS has always been committed to training apprentices, of whom there are currently 3. As an expert, it is involved in the CFC final examinations at the end of apprenticeships and examinations for survey technicians as well as the state examination for the Federal Certificate of Qualification for Survey Engineers. The office is also active in the preparation of inter-company training courses.

Gérard Crettenand GEO2RIVES
James Perrin J-M VUADENS