1. The GEODRANSE offices are located in Martigny and Bagnes. It was founded by Mr. Bernard Lonfat in 1964 and therefore has the benefit of more than 50 years of experience. Today it is jointly managed by Mr. Fréderic Hugon, EPFL/SIA Engineer and patented surveyor, and Mr. Alain Giroud.

    The office is staffed by 11 employees, all of whom are trained and experienced in the field of surveying.

    The office has been the main player in the major reorganisation of land parcels in the communes of Bagnes, Vollèges, Sembrancher, Orsières and Liddes, and in successive federal surveys since the 1970s. GEODRANSE is also the "historical surveyor" of all the municipalities in the Entremont district.

  2. Furthermore, GEODRANSE is commissioned for all geometric work such as building layouts, topographical surveys, railway surveys, construction supervision, technical installations (ski lifts, pipelines) and the installation of templates.

    GEODRANSE has the great advantage of being able to rely on the experience of loyal employees, who have worked there for many years and who therefore know the territory and the particularities of each of these municipalities inside out. The regular training of new apprentices and the ongoing training of employees enables GEODRANSE to respond effectively to your challenges in the field of land measurement and management.

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