1. GEO2RIVES is a company which has been established in Riddes, Valais since 1989. Before 2014, the company name was Stéphane Bessero SA. The company has always prioritised local service, quality and innovation.

    The office consists of around twenty employees, shared between engineers, technicians, surveyors, administrative staff and apprentices.

  2. The office is active in the fields of cadastral surveying, technical surveying, civil engineering and geoinformation (GIS). Research and development in the field of computerised data management is becoming a key area for GEO2RIVES. It is managed by Stéphane Moix, EPFL/SIA Engineer and patented surveyor.

    Training is of great importance to GEO2RIVES, as the company is constantly training new apprentices and thus passing on its valuable know-how. In addition, various further training courses enable employees to continuously develop and improve their skills.

Gérard Crettenand GEO2RIVES
James Perrin J-M VUADENS